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Chantal started using WordPress in 2006. First for her personal blog, but since 2009 she decided she could earn money too with WordPress development. She has been active as a front-end developer.

She has experience with PHP, HTML and (S)CSS. She also loves the Genesis theme framework for rapid development of WordPress themes.

In her free time, she loves to ride her bicycle. In 2017 she was one of the racers in the Transcontinental Race, a 4000km unsupported ultra-endurance bicycle race across Europe.


Since 1990 Chantal has worked for several companies and organisations. First as a COBOL developer and later as support representative and system administrator. She knows a lot about both Windows client/server, Macs, iOS devices, DNS and more related topics.

She has been very helpful to her colleagues and customers. Customer satisfaction is very important for her. A happy customer makes her happy too!


Chantal has been active in the WordPress community for several years now. She is active in the Global Polyglots mentor team. Besides that, she is one of the active General Translations Editors in the Dutch translation team.


Chantal started the WordPress Meetup Rotterdam in 2009. After several years with no meetup, she decided the meetup had to continue again. At this moment the meetup is organised once every 3 months. Early 2018 she stepped down as one of the organisers.

She also has been co-organizing the WordCamp Netherlands for some years and in 2018 she was one of the organizers of the first environmental friendly WordCamp Rotterdam.


Chantal is available for job offers. She loves to work remotely. If you are interested, leave a message: